Recycle your wardrobe, accessories, and home décor by following these steps:

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1. Read our policy and guidelines

Use our handy decision matrix to help you decide what to save, donate, toss or consign.

2. Schedule an appointment

Call us at 410-546-5111 or use our online scheduling form.

3. Drop off your items

...And pick up no-thank-you's if you wish to reclaim them.

4. Receive a discount coupon

Enjoy 20% off your next purchase in appreciation of your business.

6. Get your check in the mail!

Checks are mailed following the mid-point and conclusion of each consignment season.

Consigning Overstocks

We happily accept overstocks, end-of-season clearance items, retired samples and more. Why let these items sit idle in your storeroom between seasons? Bring them in and generate some profit.

Our best-selling classifications are jewelry, handbags, and home décor. Overstock clothing must be of current style and in perfect condition. Please contact Nancy at for more information.

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